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Karaoke brings a lot of enjoyment for the people that sing, as well as the audience at a show. However, the companies that produce new karaoke music will not be able to stay in business if they do not make money. The majority of karaoke manufacturers have already been forced out of business, largely due to violation of copyright laws (i.e. bootleg or pirated karaoke music). It seems that quite a few people think it's OK to copy and share their karaoke music. PLEASE -- keep karaoke alive, and help to stop piracy!

Report suspected piracy here.

Swing Time Karaoke is proud to run our shows without ANY pirated music. Our system does not, and will not, contain pirated copies of karaoke songs. We have the original discs for all songs in our system. We also encourage customers to patronize other shows that support the karaoke industry as well, and do not use bootleg or pirated copies in their systems. There is a substantial monetary investment for the Professional KJ that chooses not to use pirated discs. On the other side of the coin, it is very easy and inexpensive for someone to start a show with pirated music, which is why there are so many "unprofessional" karaoke shows in the Fort Wayne area. They are under the impression that it is "OK" to violate copyright laws and copy someone else's discs to use for their shows, or copy their original set of discs to run multiple systems. Please do not encourage this activity by patronizing them.

Unfortunately, a common practice today is to buy a hard drive loaded with copies of karaoke tracks or a "computerized" music system pre-loaded with music. These are sometimes found on eBay or Craigslist, and include a ridiculously large amount of songs for what appears to be a bargain price. What most people don't realize is that even though they have "bought" the system, it is still not legal to run a show without possession of the original discs. In reality, all someone has actually "bought" is pirated music. The people selling these systems don't bother to disclose that minor detail, and sell the pirated music for a fraction of what the investment would be for the number of songs included. They can afford to do this because they are copying someone else's music, without license to do so, and anything they make selling these systems is pure profit for them.

Last point of our "soap box":

If you love to sing, we encourage you to please keep karaoke going by not violating copyright laws yourself. Buy original discs - do not let a friend (or worse - another KJ) give or sell you an illegal copy of any karaoke disc or songs.

We are the first karaoke host in the Fort Wayne area to be certified by both Sound Choice and Chartbuster to be in compliance with their Media Shifting Policies.